Sunday, April 5, 2009

Boys are stupid, but girls can be stupider

Last night at work 2 nice young men and a beautiful young woman happened to come through my line and bought a pair of mens jeans and 2 pairs of mens cargo shorts. No big deal. That happens every day. EXCEPT!!!!! One of the young men was wearing a hoodie that said something about Utah Valley State University Baseball. Since today is OPENING DAY I had to share this STUPID STORY.

After noticing the hoodie I said:
So, what pro-team to do follow?

Young man: I don't play pro, I play for Utah Valley.

I thought: WELL, DUH!!!!!! Opening day is tomorrow, if you played pro-ball you probably wouldn't be worrying about buying jeans in West Jordan Utah right now. But since I was giving great customer service, I didn't say that.

Instead I said: Your hoodie is for Utah Valley Baseball, do you follow a pro team?

Young man: No, I don't follow a specific pro-team. I follow pitchers. I love relief pitchers.

Obviously this kid is a pitcher. Bet you 20 bucks, he throws relief.

I said: That's great.

Young man: What team to do you follow?

I'm positive he was trying to make me feel stupid, so my reply was:

I love the Mets!!!! Always have. I think it's going to be a good year.

Young man: Well, yeah since you have my man K-Rod.

My reply: It's along way from Anaheim to New York, we'll see.

Young Man: Then why do you think it'll be such a good year?

I said: Well, lots of reasons. Carlos Delgado, we've been working on putting some depth in our bull-pen (K-Rod will help), we also signed Gary Shefield so he'll help get us some runs, and then there's always Mr. Wright.


Young Man: Mr. Who?

Me: You know, Mr. Wright. David Wright my third baseman. Did you see his walk-off single to beat Puerto Rico in "The Classic"? It was amazing.

At this point, the young man turned to his friend and gave him the weirdest look. He then asked:

Why are you such a Mets Fan?

My reply: Oh, it started back when I was a kid. Darryl Strawberry was playing outfield for them, and I thought he was amazing. Old habits die hard.

Young man: Yeah, I like drugs too. HA-HA!

Me:That was a bad choice of words on my part. But his will be a great year. Tim Kirkjan has picked David Wright to be the NL MVP. I have faith.

At this point this young mans (I should say kid, he couldn't have been a day over 23) wife entered the conversation. She was standing there the entire time, she had heard every word of our conversation. She turned to him, grabbed his hand, leaned into him and asked: Do you have everything? Then she reached into his pocket and handed him his wallet.

I literally had to hold my breath so I wouldn't laugh. At that point, the kid paid his money and they left.

I went back to the fitting room and was laughing so hard I could hardly breath. A kid I work with saw me laughing and asked me what was so funny, so I told him the story.

His reply: Jill, boys are stupid, but girls are stupider.