Thursday, October 23, 2008

Favorite Time Of The Year!

This is one of my favorite times of year. Late October. Because of the "Fall Classic" -- The World Series! The only thing that has disappointed me with the Series this far, is how little the people around me know about it.

For instance:

Today I asked our truck driver Steve if he caught the game last night. His response: "There was a football game last night? Who played? There usually aren't games one Wednesday nights!!"

While talking to my friends at work, I mentioned that I watched the game last night and enjoyed every minute of it, up until the Rays lost. Carrie and Brooke stared at me blankly and asked: "Who's playing?" I told them the Phillies and the Rays. Brooke then asks: "What's a Ray? Isn't that a big fish?" I had to walk away because it was at that moment that I knew -- I was the strange one.

Am I really that different for loving sports as much as I do, particularly baseball? Is it really that weird that I read books about baseball and watch games any chance I can get. I have "my" Mets website on my favorites and check it everyday -- even during the off season. And I ask my husband to take me to a pro-game for my birthday. I don't make fun of my friends that Scrapbook or do any of those other "crafty" things (even though I have been known to do crafts in my deep dark past).

I'm sad that the season is almost over "officially". But I'm anxiously awaiting April 6th -- the Mets season opener and April 13th -- the Mets Home Opener. I'm not as bad a Greg at least I don't have my cell phone counting down the days and minutes to the first pitch for my favorite team, but who know maybe I will go that far during the dark, dreary winter.

Note To Greg: I'm already looking forward to my Mets kicking the Dodgers butts in May!:) I love you!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why Argue?

Today at work I made a comment to my friend Brooke that I wanted to buy my kids each a "VOTE NOW!" t-shirt (they are only $5 each--don't worry Greg I didn't buy them!) She gave me a funny look and asked: "Are you going to vote?" I replied immediately with: "OF COURSE I'M GOING TO VOTE, BROOKE! I always do!" She smiled at me and asked: "Who are you going to vote for?" I could tell that the minute she asked me this question she regretted it. But I honestly replied and told her that: "I'm going to vote for Obama." She looked relieved and smiled and said: "Good! Me too!" Then we started talking about politics a bit.

Anyway, the point of my little story is this: Why do we get so worked up about politics? I know that the reason why Brooke looked so uneasy when she asked me who I was going to vote for is because she didn't want to start a political debate. There are people that I don't mind talking politics with, like my friend Chuck. He and I rarely agree on anything political, but it's fun telling him that he's wrong. I HATE to talk politics with Greg, however. Greg and I don't see eye to eye politically and sometimes it makes me angry! I don't know why I can't just let things go when I talk to Greg about stuff like this. Now, I just don't bring it up. And if he asks me something political I just shrug my shoulders and try to ignore him. I've finally decided that when we talk politics we argue, we don't debate. And no matter what he says he's not going to change my mind about anything, and I'm not going to change his mind, so why argue?

I was wondering if you could help me with a little "project" that I'm working on. I've been reading a book called: "Beyond Belief" by Josh Hamilton a baseball player that play outfield for the Texas Rangers. I'm trying to talk Greg into taking me to see the Rangers play for my birthday coming up this spring. So if you could, would you all please tell Greg what a LUCKY guy he is for having a wife that asks to go to a baseball game for her birthday and that he should just fork out the money and take me to Texas this spring? I know I've stooped pretty low to ask for you to put pressure on Greg like this, but I REALLY WANT TO GO!!!! And I could use all the help I can get. I'll post more about the book later. Thanks!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I was talking to my friend Erin the other day and she had run into a mutual friend of our. Erin told me that our friend had just left her husband because he started beating her. This started a conversation about husbands and boyfriends. Erin made the comment that she was really glad that she hadn't had to deal with that kind of drama. This conversation got me thinking about my husband.

I'm so grateful that I married Greg, he's amazing! I don't think he's wired to hurt me that way. Sure we argue and we've been in some BIG fights over the years (we've been together for 16 years -- WOW THAT'S A LONG TIME) but I just don't think that Greg could ever hit me or our kids.

Working where I do, I have a lot of friends that are younger than I am and aren't married. I am so glad that I'm not on the dating scene. Anyway, I'm surprised by how many women that I know that have to deal with their boyfriends being violent. It's a lot more common than I thought. I can't imagine having to add that to my list of worries.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Upsetting Public Service Announcement

Today is my day off work. I stayed up last night to watch Letterman with Greg, and slept late this morning. It was great! I got up and took a quick shower, turned on the TV while I was getting cleaned up and saw a Public Service Announcement that really upset me.

It starts with a mother and daughter just leaving the mall after a day of shopping and the daughter comments on how she loves the dress they just bought. At this point I should explain that the daughter is a young looking teenager I'd say maybe 14years old. The daughter then asks her mother if she can wear her new dress to a party a friend of hers is having this weekend, I think the friends name was David. The mother asks the daughter is there will be adults there? The daughter says no. The mother then asks if there will be alcohol there. The daughter says she doesn't know for sure but probably. The mom then tells her daughter that she can't go to the party. The daughter then gets upset and asks her mom what the big deal is "'s not like I've never had a beer before mom." The mom then falls down a flight of stairs in shock. The thing that really upset me about this commercial was that at the very end you hear a voice that tells you to: "Set firm drinking limits for kids that are 10 or younger." The end.

Excuse me but, WHAT THE HELL!!!??? Set firm drinking limits if your kids are 10 or younger? Am I the only person on earth that has a problem with that? 10 years old? How about setting firm drinking limits period, regardless of age?

Drinking and substance is something that we talk about a lot with our kids because it's something that our family has had to deal with. I am ashamed to say that I have had problems with substance abuse. It's not something that I'm proud of and it's very embarrassing. It's also something that I would do just about anything to keep my children from having to deal with. Seeing this PSA really shocked me, aren't setting drinking limits for a 10 year old kind of a given? I still control how much caffeine my kids consume when they're 10, but maybe I'm just a little over protective and am a bit in the dark about reality.

When Chris started Jr. High this year drinking and drug abuse was (and still is) something that I really worry about. Teenage years are so hard and there are so many changes sometimes you just want to forget about things for a while, and substance abuse can help with that for a little while. Unfortunately, things just get worse when you start to remember again.

We have some very close friends who have struggled with a son that has huge issues with drinking and drug abuse. In fact, this kid has spent time in jail because of his addictions. This kid is an amazing good kid. He's handsome, smart, funny, very social he's just made some really bad choices. His family is amazing: they're active members of the church, they go to the temple, have family prayer and scripture study, family home evenings, they spend time together and with their friends. They're amazing people, the kind of people that makes you feel better about yourself when your with them, and they have this huge struggle with one of their children. When I talk to my friend about her son, she says that you just can't talk to your kids enough about how real temptation is. She tells me all the time: talk to your kids about temptation, get them as prepared as you can, and be sure they know that you love them.

I was told by another friend that you can't just tell your kids to stay away from temptation anymore like I was when I was younger. You can't just tell your kids to stay away from drugs, alcohol, pornography, and all the other things that we're all faced with everyday. He said that those days are gone! He told me that we have to teach our children what to do when they are faced with these temptations because they will be tempted.

My feelings about the church have cooled somewhat over the last couple of years. I can't put my finger on exactly what my problem is. Do I believe in the gospel? Absolutely. But I'm tired. I know that sounds lame, but I just don't have that pull to the "church" that I used to have. I wish I did. I started reading the Book of Mormon every night with Kolbie for her nightly reading, and I chose this book for completely selfish reasons. I want that pull back, and I hope that by reading from the scriptures every night with Kolbie that would help light that fire again. The guilt that I have about this situation is huge, but I just can't seem to get things going. The thing is, is that I want that feeling back, but I just can't seem to find it.

Anyway, back to that commercial. I'm not stupid enough to think that my children will always make the right choices. I just pray that they will make more right choices than wrong ones. I pray that I can figure out where I fit in the church and that I can feel that "pull" back to the church. I also think it's time that we had a talk about drugs and drinking. The kids need to know not only that it's bad for their bodies and spirits, but they need to know exactly what Greg and I expect of them. I think it's a good thing that I saw that commercial today.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Re-Inventing The Wheel

So today at work we had a shipment that was just under 5,000 units. Nothing was new and we had plenty of people to finish the shipment, but we didn't get finished. When I left there were 3 carts of shipment left to do (we use big shopping-type carts to get shipment from the backroom to the sales floor). It's depressing.

Trish came into the store for about 45 minutes today and will be out of town until Thursday, which take some of the pressure off. But Lisa, my direct supervisor, wasn't happy that we didn't get finished. On my way out, she asked me why things didn't get done. I really didn't have an answer for her. We got through most of the shipment, but then things seemed to come to a screeching halt when everyone was in the boys department. We have a really good team, but they do tend to be a bit chatty. I hate having to be the one to tell everyone to just shut-up and get back to work. I try to be nicer about saying it of course.

On the drive home, I was trying to come up with some grand idea of how to make shipments go easier and the only thing I came up with was to not re-invent the wheel. The company has set up shipments a certain way, and I feel that if we just do things the way the company has them set up, things will just fall into place. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to be the bad guy when it comes to talking and being sure that everything gets done on time. So what if nobody likes me, it's my butt that will get chewed-out if things don't get done.

I'm feeling a lot of pressure to get things done now, when things aren't so busy. We have to get things done now and be super-efficient before all the huge pre-Christmas shipments start showing up. If I don't get things under control now, it's going to be a very, very long Holiday Season.

Friday, October 10, 2008


For about as long as I can remember, Greg has always done a league of weekly football picks. And I almost always participate. But, I'm considering not participating anymore and here's why:

Last year Hayley (Greg's secretary's daughter) won. This year Tina and Hayley are currently number 2 and 3. The only problem? THEY CHEAT!!!!!! They go online and copy some "expert" picks. This drives me nuts! There are people who actually try to do well, and Tina and Hayley just copy.

Tina and Hayley will say: What's the big deal? It's only football picks, it's not like they matter. But they are ruining the fun for everyone else! And they're starting to tick me off!! I've participated for years, and Greg HAS NEVER told me which team to pick.

I know that I sound whiny, but KNOCK IT OFF TINA AND HAYLEY!!! If you can't handle just doing the picks on your own, then just don't participate!!! The idea of cheating is so un-original it makes me sick! This is supposed to be fun! And cheating only makes you look ridiculous! I know there are other people that participate that don't really care, like Louie. But at least he doesn't cheat, he does look pretty silly as he's flipping a coin to pick winners, but he doesn't cheat. On top of everything else, I was just informed that the over-all year end winner is given a prize.

There are about 75 people in this league and I know I'm not the only one that is irritated with the situation. I need to be clear about something: I don't lose sleep about this situation, it just makes me mad. I'm currently in 24th place (which is an all-time high for me), so it's not like Tina and Hayley are narrowly beating me out of first place. I just can't stand people that cheat, I think it's slimy. I don't understand why people think they are so special that the rules don't apply to them. Cheating at something like football picks is so unimaginative and pointless, in fact I think it's really pathetic.

NOTE TO TINA AND HAYLEY: The weekly football picks are supposed to be fun, but you guys aren't making it very fun because you chose to cheat. KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

IT'S A ......BOY!!!

It's official, I'm the proud parent of a TEENAGER! I know I risk sounding old when I say this but: WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE??!!! I can't believe that he's 13 today! Happy Birthday, Buddy!!

I can't believe that Chris was born 13 years ago. I keep thinking of all the changes he's made, and all the milestones he's passed.

Being a parent is something that I don't think anyone is ever really ready for, at least I wasn't. But being a parent is the most important thing about me. I love being a Mom, I don't think I really had a heart until Chris was born. He opened my eyes to so many things around me, and has taught me so much about myself.

I remember when I was pregnant with Chris, and Greg and I were having dinner with some good friends that were expecting their first baby just a few months before we were. The subject about being a working Mom came up, and I remember tell them that I didn't want to be a stay-at-home Mom. I remember my friends husband just staring at me and saying: "I bet things will change when you have that baby." Well, he right! Everything changed when I had Chris.

I'm not a perfect mom, and I don't have perfect kids, but to me my children are the most amazing creations! I love watching them learn and grow and they make me laugh! One thing about my kids is that they don't put up with all my crap, they keep me real. I love spending time with them. In fact, the one thing I HATE about being back at work is I miss my kids.

Anyway, 13 years ago today I became a mom to the most wonderful boy in the world. Since he was born, my life has changed so much and I'm so glad. I got the son I always wanted, I've been so blessed.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday At The Mall

Well, today my friend Erin and I went to the mall and I had to endure one of life's biggest indignities. Bra shopping. I don't know about you but shopping for a bra is almost as bad as shopping for a swimsuit or getting a root canal.

I remember the first time I had a bra fitting. I was shopping for a wedding dress as ZCMI (now Macy's). I was wearing a beautiful dress standing on a pedestal looking at myself in the mirrors feeling absolutely beautiful. My Mom was even a little teary, when a lady walked by my mom stopped her and asked: "Isn't she just beautiful?" The response: "She looks nice, I guess. But she'd look so much better if she was wearing a decent bra." I was shocked and a little hurt. Who did this woman think she was? Of course your supposed to say that any woman in a wedding dress looks beautiful. Didn't she know that?

Well, the lady then said: "Go back to your dressing room, I'll be right in and we'll get you fitted with the right kind of bra for your body type."

Well, that sounded innocent enough, so off I went back to my fitting room. The lady came back and measured me and disappeared. She came back a few minutes later with her arms full of bras that "would fit me correctly". The next thing I know she's telling me to take off my old bra. I was 18, my mother and my little sister were there with me in the fitting room and some strange woman (who wasn't even smart enough to say that I looked pretty in a $600 dollar wedding dress) and I'm supposed to take my bra off? Excuse me, but ARE YOU KIDDING? I remember just standing there thinking that I must have heard wrong, until my mother said: "Come on Jill, I don't have all day. Do what the lady says." I have to tell you that at that point of my life I was very, very shy about my body (still am, by the way). I didn't know who this woman was, but I'm supposed to take my bra off for her? After a few minutes and her telling me, "Think of my like I'm your doctor" (that didn't help at tell), I finally took off my bra, and the fitting began. I remember her telling me how to "put my bra on correctly" (apparently there's a right and wrong way and of course I had been doing it wrong).

I was mortified. Looking back, this was a very traumatizing experience for me. My mom still thinks it was about the funniest thing she ever saw. This was a terrible experience. After that experience, I promised myself that I would never have another bra fitting again. Unfortunately, being bigger chested and hearing on Oprah that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong type of bra I decided that I need to have another fitting.

Like most things what I pictured in my head was a lot worse than the reality of what really happened. Why do we do that, imagine things to be so much worse than they really are?

Well, my mission was successful. I bought 2 bras that I think will work very well. When I got home and told Greg that I'd spent $130.00 on bras he about had a heart attack. I told him that it's an investment, he didn't believe me.

Having a big chest is something that I've hated about my body for as long as I can remember. I HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT!!!!!!!!!! My family and even some of my friends tease me and I'm so self-conscience about it. I guess everyone has something about their bodies that they don't like, and that's at the top of my list. I would even have a reduction if I could.

Well, all in all, I had a very successful morning at the mall. On top of everything else I got to spend most of my day with one of my closest friends. It was really nice, I haven't gotten to go shopping like that for a long time. Erin and I spent the day wandering around and talking. We talked about Greg, Jake (her boyfriend), work, family and stuff. It was great. I don't feel like I've got very many really close girl friends, and I never do things like this with the short list of friends that I do have. Everyone is just so busy. Being able to spend time with Erin like I did today makes me happy and relaxed.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Post-Season Starts On A Down Note

Okay, those of you who know me know that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE baseball. But this post season has started on a particularly bad note.

I am a Mets fan, my husband is not.

My husband is a Dodgers fan, I AM NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who don't know the Mets blew a 3 game lead, and missed making the post season in the wild card spot by one stinking game!!!! The Dodgers won their division. I HATE THE DODGERS!!!!

So today on my lunch break I went and got a hamburger and sat in my car and listened to the Phillies-Brewers game. And to all my girlfriends who think I'm crazy, I don't tease you because you scrapbook! Anyway, I sat there eating my burger (that really hit the spot, by the way) listening to this ballgame, and got really upset. Not crying upset, just upset. All I could think about was how my team blew it AGAIN (we blew a 13 game lead last year). I honestly couldn't force myself to be happy for either team, my Mets should have been playing that game!! Instead, they just have to clean out their lockers. Greg loves it that my team didn't make the post-season.

Well, today the Cubs and the %$@(%&! Dodgers started their series. I got in my car after work and of course was listening to the game, just as some idiot on the Dodgers decides to hit a Grand-Slam!!! Greg will be insufferable tonight! I can just hear his glee and happiness. I think I'm going to be sick.

I can deal with my team not making the post-season. I really can, you can't make it every year -- it impossible. But the thing that I really can't handle is that not only did my team not make the post-season, but Greg's team did. This is bad, very, very bad.

GO CUBS!!!!!