Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hey June!!! Is that the mouth you pray with?

I know that no one is reading this anymore since I haven't posted anything in almost 2 months, but I just haven't had anything much to say. Which never was a problem before, so I decided I need to start posting again. So:

WOW!!! WHAT A DAY!!!! Today was "Flip-Flip Day" (aka: Black Friday's uglier and MUST MORE UNPLEASANT sibling) at Old Navy, which is where I work. I've spent the last few days trying to get the store ready for an ultra-busy day, but this madness exceeded even my expectation. I expected the long lines, I expected the store to be a mess, I expected my team to be overwhelmed (which is why I brought in my homemade Rice Crispy Treats and 7-Layer Dip which you wouldn't normally eat together, but strangely kind of work when your blood sugar is low), and I expected our customers to be a little grumpy. But this was INSANE!

First, I made Greg drive me to work because I didn't want to worry about trying to find a parking spot, and I wanted him to take some pictures. For the record I would like it noted that Greg teased me all morning about this, but then the car became strangely quiet when he pulled our little car into the parking lot. The only thing said was: "...drop me off by the door please. Please help me bring the Rice Crispy Treats to the back room." I didn't see Greg again for almost a half an hour.

Working retail isn't for the faint of heart. Someone important and really smart said that once, I'm sure of it!

I got to the store at about 9:45. I don't know what the line looked like before we opened, but it stretched all the way to the back of the store, back up to the front and half way back again. I feel like I should get hazard pay for having to run from the front door all the way to the back while carrying my 7-layer dip (which was delicious by the way). When a crowd of slightly pudgy moms already upset because they can only get 5 pairs of flip-flops see 7-layer dip it's like a moth attracted to a flame. SO WATCH OUT!!!!

Aside from almost losing my life over my pot-luck donation, the worst part of today was by far GRUMPY CUSTOMERS!!!!! I experienced the single worst customer I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH IN MY LIFE today. She and her husband (let's call them Walt and June) were the highlight of my day. I won't go into detail, but let's just say that I was shaking with anger by the time Walt and June decided to leave my store. I had to go in the back and take some deep breaths!!!!!

I definitely learned a thing or two from this experience. Like: THE NEXT PERSON WHO CALLS ME OR MY ASSOCIATES NAMES WHILE WE ARE TRYING TO HELP THEM WILL BE GIVEN THE NUMBER TO CUSTOMER SERVICE, MY NAME AND STORE NUMBER, AND THEN WILL BE TOLD TO LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to ask Walt and June if that was the same mouth they pray with. :) Judging from their behavior, I'm thinking not.

I help run a clothing store. It's not glamorous or flashy. I don't read to the blind, I don't cure disease, I don't prevent hunger. I simply do not understand why people can get so mad at me for doing something as simple as selling jeans and t-shirts. I understand that lines were long, and they only got 5 pairs of flip-flops, but COME ON PEOPLE!

I have been known (in my deep dark past) to get upset at some poor customer service associate, but my view has changed over the years. I have tried to make it a policy that every time I am lucky enough to have a good experience somewhere, I ask for the manager and give a good report. As a manager, I hear so many negative things, and so few good things, but I know that my team does a good job. Every time I hear something good or positive I ALWAYS share this experience with my team, and we all have better days. Why are we so ready to tell someone that they did a bad job and so reluctant to tell someone they did a great job?

Please, someone explain!!!!!!!!!!!!!