Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I have become a celebrity

I have become a celebrity. Because of my children. This isn't a new thing for me, I've always been a very proud mom to all three of my kids. I hear things like "Chris is so smart, Katie is so beautiful, and Kolbie is so cute". Or I'll hear: "your kids are all so well mannered" (which makes me laugh, by the way). But now I have become a celebrity a real celebrity; but hopefully not in the same class as Lindsey Lohans parents, or like Jon and Kate.

And it all started with: Aladdin Jr.!!!

This year the Jr. High is putting on a production of Aladdin Jr. I wasn't suprised when Chris told me he wanted to try-out but I was down right shocked when Kate told me that she wanted to try out as well. Well, Kate is on the chorus in one cast and on the stage crew for the other, and Chris...well, Chris is the Genie. I think that Mrs. Johnson was type-casting a little bit when she cast him as Genie. He's tall, goofy, likes to tell stupid jokes, and loves to be the center of attention.

Auditions were 2 weeks before Christmas, and I will never forget the phone call we got from Chris telling us he got the part. We were off celebrating our anniversary doing what we always do...our christmas shopping (oh joy). I was so excited and happy for him I cried, it was definatley what you'd call a proud mom moment.

Well, rehersals started in Janurary and both of the kids have been going faithfully to all of their rehersals for three solid months. Sometimes they would leave for school at 5 or 6am and not get home until 5 or 6pm. Honestley, both of them have put their hearts and souls into this production.

Well, Monday was the big day. Their first performance. One of the local elementary schools walked over to see the play. I was amazed at how well the play was. It was obvious that all the hard work of all the teachers, and kids had paid off. Both of the kids were amazing. Katie hit her que right on time and opened the floor where Jafar falls into when he gets made a Genie. And Chris got the loudest cheer on the whole cast.

Tuesday Hunter Elementary came for a performance. Katie got to perform she's a harem girl (I don't really like the sound of that, but what do I know?) and she was amazing. She got loud cheers from her friends and former teachers and several told me that "she did such a great job. Tell her that I'm so proud of her." And Chris was a hit (as usual), the only difference was, this time we new so many of the audience. Greg and I got up to leave and we were swarmed by students and teachers saying? "Katie and Chris were amazing!!! Katie looked so pretty in her yellow costume and Chris was soooooooo funny."

The real fun started when some of the kids we didn't know figured out our son was "The Genie". I heard all kinds of things from those kids:

His jokes are sooooo funny!!!

Did he really shave his head?

How did you turn him blue?

Does it take a long time to put on all that make-up?

How long does it take to take it off?

I have to say that being a bit of a "celebrity" is sort of fun. It's pretty cool to hear things like: "Look, it's the Genies mom." I'm sure they were all thinking about how young and attractive I am. ;)

There is a downside to the life of a celebrity like:

I've had to listen to more than the usual amount of goofy jokes.

I know that play by heart.

I hear the music in my dreams.

All we've heart from Katie for the last week is how she "HAS TO HAVE" a flesh colored t-shirt, & tights.

And there was a HUGE contreversy yesterday morning that had something to do with blue eyeshadow.

My bathtub is tinted blue, (and so is my son) and I don't know if it will ever go away.

And today, it's been almost 20 hours since I've slept, but I had to come home from working an all night inventory shift and paint my son blue.

All that being said, I am having a week full of Proud Mom moments. I am so proud of Chris, Kate, and the cast because they've all worked so hard. I'm proud of the commitment that Chris and Kate have made, but I'm the most proud because they've done this together. They've made friends together, and most important, they've made some great memories. A couple of months ago Katie told me that she loves Chris because he's her best friend. There are sure benefits to being a celebrity Mom.


I'm giving the production 2 BIG THUMBS UP!!!!!!